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About Prepry's Questions
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Will I see these questions on the real exam?

Our questions are meticulously curated to ensure you're well-prepared for your registry exams. They encompass essential facts vital for exam mastery and include questions analogous to what you might encounter during the examination. However, it's important to note that while our questions are designed to be similar, they are not verbatim replicas of those on the real exam.

Is Prepry affiliated with the makers of real exams?

No, Prepry is not affiliated with any of the credentialing agencies or the makers of the real exams. Our content is independently created, focusing on providing a comprehensive and relevant study experience for our users.

Where do your practice questions come from?

Our practice questions are derived from seasoned professionals in sonography, encompassing educators and sonographers with decades of hands-on experience. Moreover, our questions rigorously adhere to the content outline specified by industry-leading organizations such as ARDMS, CCI, and ARRT. This ensures that our content remains aligned with the expectations and standards set by these prestigious credentialing bodies.

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