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How does Prepry's Spaced Repetition work?
How does Prepry's Spaced Repetition work?
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Elevate Your Ultrasound Registry Exam Prep with Prepry's Enhanced Spaced Repetition System

Prepry is revolutionizing the way you prepare for ultrasound registry exams through a refined three-phase spaced repetition system. Our approach is designed not just for passing exams but for achieving a comprehensive mastery of the material. This system is segmented into three progressive phases: Learning, Learned, and Remaining Questions. Let's explore the updated functionalities and benefits of each phase in your study journey.


Phase 1: Remaining Questions

The journey begins with the Remaining Questions phase, which encompasses all questions that you haven't seen yet. This is the starting line of your preparation, where the full spectrum of potential questions is laid out before you. As you engage with the question bank, each response you provide will guide you into the next phases of the system, tailoring your learning experience from the very start.

Phase 2: Learning

Once you start answering questions, you enter the Learning phase. In this crucial stage, questions are presented in a strategic manner, aimed at gauging your initial grasp and comprehension of various topics. Your interactions during this phase are critical, as they determine how the system adapts to focus on your unique learning needs. Questions that challenge you will appear more frequently, ensuring that you're spending valuable study time on areas that require more attention.

Phase 3: Learned

A question advances to the Learned phase once you've demonstrated your mastery by answering it correctly twice. This criterion confirms that your knowledge goes beyond mere guesswork, embedding a deeper understanding of the material. Achieving this milestone leverages the proven benefits of spaced repetition, enhancing your long-term retention and ensuring you're building a solid foundation for exam success.

The Adaptive Learning Advantage

Our enhanced system is grounded in cognitive psychology principles, particularly the spacing effect, which shows that information is more effectively recalled if learning sessions are spaced over time. By customizing the frequency of each question based on your performance, Prepry's system maximizes the efficiency and effectiveness of your study time.

Personalized Study Path

As you progress through Prepry's spaced repetition phases, your study path becomes increasingly personalized. The Remaining Questions phase introduces you to the breadth of your exam content, setting the stage for a focused and efficient learning process. As you transition through the Learning and into the Learned phase, the system ensures that you're dedicating effort to mastering the content, adjusting to your evolving needs and reinforcing your strengths and weaknesses.


Prepry's updated three-phase spaced repetition system is a game-changer in ultrasound registry exam preparation. Starting with Remaining Questions, moving through the Learning phase, and culminating in the Learned stage, our approach ensures a comprehensive, efficient, and personalized learning experience. With Prepry, you're equipped not just to pass your exams but to excel, mastering the material step by step with confidence and precision.

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